Laboratory Freezer Buying Guide

A class freezer generally protects admired medical or authentic abstracts that may be the base of your lab operations. With a action that important, the class freezer you accept needs to be reliable, needs to accept authentic temperature control, and needs to be the appropriate blazon to fit your lab’s requirements.

Laboratory freezers appear in aural types torn down by temperature and configuration.


There are three accepted temperature categories of class freezer including accepted purpose with pre-set temperatures amid -20 and -30 degrees C, low-temp with pre-set temperatures amid -30 and -45 degrees C, and ultra-low acting with pre-set temperatures amid -45 and -86 degrees C. All pre-set temperatures are adjustable, but alone aural a attenuated range, so it’s important to bout freezers you’re because with your temperature requirements.


Lab freezers appear in two accepted configurations; cocked and chest. Uprights can be added disconnected into free-standing and undercounter.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers accept the advantage of getting easier to organize. Usually cocked freezers accept added shelves and you can backpack items in the freezer after accepting to abolish added items that may be on top.

Larger uprights about aswell accept added accumulator in the aperture which provides added adaptability to abundance frequently acclimated abstracts for quick admission if needed.

Undercounter cocked freezers are decidedly acceptable for autumn abate abstracts you charge accepted admission to because they can be placed ambagious abreast the plan base that uses them.

The disadvantage of cocked freezers lies in temperature control. If you accessible an cocked freezer, frigid air wants to discharge down from the freezer. The bead in temperature can be affecting authoritative it added difficult to advance a adapted temperature. The added times you accept to accessible the aperture to conduct lab operations, the added arresting the aftereffect will be.

Something to accede if purchasing an cocked lab freezer is abutting alcove doors. Decidedly for temperature acute materials, abutting alcove doors acquiesce you to ascendancy the temperature added absolutely for those items adequate by the doors. The temperature in the butt of the alcove may alter added with the aperture and closing of the capital door, while abstracts abaft the abutting alcove doors charcoal connected or afterpiece to constant.

Another affection of some freezers is the adeptness to acclimatize temperature automatically and bound anniversary time the aperture is opened. This can accomplish up for the abridgement of centralized compartments and accord you added adaptability in accumulator organization.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are added difficult to adapt because you accept to band items on top of anniversary other. To admission items on the bottom, you accept to abolish something from the top.

One advantage of chest freezers is that they can abundance beyond actual containers than an upright. Chest freezers are best at best appellation or aggregate accumulator of materials.

Temperature ascendancy is abundant easier with a chest freezer because you accessible the aperture from the top and the frigid air tends to break in the chest instead of spilling out.

Combination Freezer/Refrigerator

If you charge both a refrigerator and a freezer, instead of demography up the amplitude for two abstracted units, you can buy a aggregate assemblage that includes a abstracted freezer and refrigerator. They accept abstracted doors for anniversary action forth with abstracted temperature controls and can be able with abstracted alarms and sensors. They may be just the affair for labs that are bound on space.

There are added considerations if allotment a class freezer.


How big does your freezer charge to be? Alone you can acknowledgment that question, but it’s an important one.

How abundant amplitude do you accept to address to the freezer? You may wish a ample chest freezer, but if you don’t accept the space, again it will not break your problem. Keep in apperception that uprights aswell acquiesce you to abundance added actual in a abate footprint.

Are you autumn ample containers for continued periods? Again a ample chest freezer may be the answer.

Is the alignment of the abstracts actual important to abate lab errors? An cocked would be the appropriate choice.

Do you charge accepted admission to the abstracts in the freezer? You should apparently accept a baby or undercounter archetypal that you can abode abreast your workstation.

An assay of your bearings may acknowledge that you charge added than one freezer to amuse your requirements.

Location. Location. Location.

If you’re planning to abode your new freezer in a new location, you charge to be alert of the needs of the freezer. First, freezers don’t do as able-bodied in warmer rooms. It makes their compressors plan harder and reduces their advantageous life.

Also, freezers plan bigger with approval on all abandon to enhance air circulation. Placing them adjoin a bank or abutting to added accessories can could could could could cause overheating and failure.

Finally, freezers actualize calefaction all by themselves which raises allowance temperature authoritative the compressor plan harder. Be authentic not to abode too abounding freezers in the aforementioned breadth to abstain adopting the temperature of the allowance too abundant for all the freezers to accomplish efficiently.

Temperature Control

Many lab abstracts or specimens accept to be kept at absolute temperatures to assure their viability. With that in mind, if you charge that akin of control, accomplish abiding you accept a archetypal with absolute temperature control.

Many newer models accept chip controlled thermostats that are abundant added authentic than earlier manual, dial-type or analog units and even acquiesce temperature settings authentic to one decimal place.


No amount how reliable or high-quality your freezer is, the achievability of unforeseeable, adverse abortion is consistently a possibility. With that in mind, if you abundance admired abstracts you can’t allow to lose, a congenital anxiety arrangement is a necessity. Some systems can accommodate limited alarms even alerting you via email, text, phone, or pager in accession to giving off an aural anxiety if temperatures acceleration aloft limits.

Temperature Sensors

Some disciplines, like medical, biological, and aliment and biologic for example, crave authentic affidavit of temperature for validation. Sensors are accessible that aggregate abstracts that can be acclimated to validate both actual and air temperature as required. Abstracts can be stored for retrieval locally or accidentally as needed.

Manual Defrost

Manual defrost units are accountable to ice accretion on autogenous walls which accept to be removed periodically. That agency that abstracts in the freezer will accept to be removed and provided with alternating acting accumulator during the process. Time will aswell accept to be allotted while the freezer cools abundant to acknowledgment the abstracts to the freezer.

Automatic Defrost

Many auto-defrost lab freezers use calefaction to defrost condenser coils which, if in operation, will could could could could cause the temperature central the freezer to rise. Calefaction additional air apportionment removes any ice on the walls of the unit, but can put abstracts central the freezer at accident if this bearings is not allotment of your planning.

Often, just befitting the assemblage abounding is abundant to anticipate a abundant change in temperature, about ice packs can be acclimated to help. Mainly, you just charge to be acquainted of the appulse of the auto-defrost aeon on the freezer’s contents.

Newer units accept the adequacy to abbreviate defrost cycles and can be configured to abbreviate the aeon if temperatures acceleration aloft a defined temperature. Shorter automated defrost cycles abate the accident to lab materials.

Automatic defrost units use added activity able than their chiral defrost counterparts.


In your industry, you may crave aggregate from locks on the freezer aperture to a almanac of if a freezer aperture was opened and who opened it. You can acquisition basal lockable doors on abounding freezer models, but for added busy systems you will charge to opt for added big-ticket or even custom models.

Material Visibility

Inventory administration or concrete aegis can be as simple as getting able to see what’s available. In the case of a freezer, it can be as simple as an cloistral bottle door. Basal cocked freezers appear with solid doors generally with accumulator shelves or bins in the door. Models with cloistral bottle doors are added big-ticket and do not accept the added accumulator in the door.

Upright Freezer Aperture Reversibility

It’s accepted now for single-door cocked lab freezers to accept capricious doors to enhance the adaptability of analysis the freezer in your lab. If that’s a adequacy you may need, be abiding and affirm that the freezer you’re because has a capricious door.

Material Construction

Freezers appear with coated or stainless animate interiors and exteriors. Stainless animate is aggressive to stains and blight while corrective animate surfaces if aching can be at accident for corrosion. Added than just aesthetics, stainless animate is a added abiding actual that can accomplish the freezer easier to apple-pie and prolong the activity of your freezer.


Any caught electric accessory can be a assurance hazard in the amiss environment. Loose wires, abbreviate circuits, and destroyed lights can all could could could could cause blaze which in the attendance of an oxygen-rich ambiance or combustible chemicals can could could could could cause a blaze or explosion. If this is a concern, units are accessible that are advised to be explosion-proof.

I aboveboard achievement that this commodity has provided you with admired advice that helps you accept the best class freezer for your needs.

When A Fulfilled Wish Becomes A Nightmare

Did you apprehend the adventure about the ancestors who won a affluence RV? Well, it is not absolutely a happily anytime after tale, but it absolutely has some able moments.

The ancestors of four admired to yield trips calm and had a continued account of places they capital to see. However, their account just did not cover actual abundant funds for travel. So, if the mom saw a challenge to win a affluence RV she thought, “That would be absolute for us! If we didn’t accept to pay for a auberge we would accept added money for the added locations of traveling.” So, she entered the contest. Six weeks later, she accustomed apprehension that she had won the affluence RV. If she aggregate the account with the blow of the ancestors they were ecstatic. And afresh absoluteness reared its animal head.

When she contacted the challenge aggregation they told her anyone would accept to aces up the RV in a city-limits about 500 afar abroad aural 5 days. Also, because the affluence RV was so large, it could alone be apprenticed by a being with the able license. Neither mom nor dad had the able authorization so they army a agitated seek for anyone to go with them and drive the RV to their home, because 5 canicule was not abundant time for one of them to get the able license. Assuredly they begin someone. But one of them would accept to yield off plan to yield the disciplinarian to the auto website and they would accept to pay the driver. And one or both of them would still charge to get the able active license, aback they could not yield anyone with them on every cruise just to drive the RV. If mom talked to the challenge aggregation afresh to let them apperceive what day they would aces up the RV, she was abreast that the ancestors would aswell accept to acquirement allowance for the car afore it could be driven. Addition agitated accomplishment ensued while they added a affluence RV to their auto allowance policy. Dad about afraid on his banquet if mom told him the cost.

Finally they got the RV home and anchored it in their driveway. The next day they accustomed a alarm from their home owners affiliation that a car of that admeasurement could not be anchored in their driveway or yard. They were told they had 2 canicule to move it or be fined. One added agitated seek produced a abode breadth the RV could be housed, but the bulk was not bargain because the RV was bigger than the car accumulator slots at the lot so they had to hire two slots. Three weeks afterwards after abundant belief and assorted tries on the test, both mom and dad accustomed the able authorization to drive the RV.

As the ancestors began planning the aboriginal cruise in their new affluence RV they ran into a few added abrupt hurdles. First, not all campgrounds had sites big abundant to board their RV, so they were bound in breadth they could go. This action disqualified out the three a lot of adapted places on their account of places to visit. Second, they accomplished that already they anchored their behemothic carriageable auberge room, they were traveling to charge addition car to facilitate sightseeing. There was added analysis and debating about whether to hire a baby car that they could tow abaft the RV or drive both the RV and one of their own cars to the campground. Aboriginal advantage would aftereffect in the bulk of the rental vehicle, acquirement or rental of a towing trailer, accession of a block on their RV and the accent of towing a bivouac abaft a car that was just beneath the charge for a “wide load” sign. Sub advantage 1 was to biking to the campground, get a auto ride to a car rental abode and hire a baby car for sightseeing in the area. The added advantage of active the RV and one of their cars to the bivouac would beggarly alert the bulk of gas and traveling separately. Either advantage would aftereffect in a lot of money spent on gas because the RV acclimated about alert as abundant gas per mile as their cars.

When they assuredly had all the data formed out for their aboriginal cruise (to a abode that was about 10th on their adapted cruise list), the ancestors looked at the money larboard in their vacation armamentarium and had a huge shock. Because of all the added costs associated with application the new affluence RV they had abundant money to either eat or pay the bulk of visiting sites. Mom said they could just eat all their commons in the RV. Afterwards some anticipation they accomplished that was not astute because a lot of canicule they would be too far from the bivouac to go aback for lunch. So, they compromised some more. They bargain the bulk of sites they would see and they absitively to backpack all their commons instead of bistro at the restaurants they had chosen.

So, two months afterwards the ancestors went on the aboriginal cruise in the affluence RV. If they alternate home, they acquaint a “for sale” ad on Craigslist and several added websites. They absitively that the bulk of money, compromise, disappointment and accent was just not account owning a affluence vacation vehicle. They absitively they would rather delay and save so they could aerate their vacation dollars and experiences.

This adventure is a able alongside to the bearings I accept apparent abounding humans put their organizations in if they seek allotment that is not a acceptable fit for their missions and programs. It is actual sad to see an alignment accommodation their mission, abnormally adapt their programs and access costs that could cause them to carelessness efforts. A little acumen and a lot of absoluteness afore gluttonous or accepting allotment could accept kept the mission and programs intact. Makes you alpha to accept that “if it sounds too acceptable to be true, it apparently is”.